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  • Gidromontazh-IPC enterprise is the official representative of pan-European association "Inter PoolCover team" - worldwide leading manufacturer of certified lightweight aluminium-polycarbonate constructions - pool covers with work motto "QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE"


    it's an area where we're professionals as we are all in



          Slide pool covers manufacturing for open swimming pools started long time ago. The first lightweight aluminium-polycarbonate constructions were produced in Europe in early 80s of 20th century just 5 years after world first production of cellular sheet polycarbonate in 1976. Jan Zitko was one of the pioneers and later became pan-European association founder - «Inter PoolCover team» - that is nowadays one of the biggest and world-leading companies in the segment. There is lightweight slide aluminium-polycarbonate constructions manufacturing with mainly pool covers,




    but there's also original inventions and workings - sliding houses and verandas as well as hydromassage bathtubs - SPA.


    In addition to that, the corporation develops and integrates all necessary parts for pool covers for the production.





    There are association's branches and representation offices in 42 European, Asian and American countries.


          Grace to the new unique technologies, «IPC-team» association quickly became the biggest and the most trustworthy European trade network; it is a workplace for experienced industrialists and craftsmen - those who have great skill and expertise and a vocation for the job.


          «IPC team» uses exclusively high-quality, patented, certified materials which means that pool covers are highly reliable and with strong security system (slide parts fixation) that prevents small kids from prying into the pool and also pool cover segment's uncontrolled movement caused by gusts of wind.



          Since 2002 in Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk «Inter Pool Cover team» association is represented with our company «Gidromontazh-IPC», we are an officially registered and accredited European representative agency.


          Our company's exhibition stand is located on Dnipro-river left bank in district Jubileyniy, 8 Marta street, 1 (Sadovyi Tsentr). Pool cover assembly is being completed on a modern assembly line that was mounted according «IPC team»'s own original technology by German and Czech specialists.





          Every year our enterprise participates in various architecture exhibitions, presentations and building forums that are held usually in autumn and springtime in different cities. There we try to expose and explain something new and exciting, improved and renovated. Our stands (slide pool cover's display units) are always exhibited full-sized - exactly the same as you will see them at your house.







          For more than 17 years on the market we have never feared in the past, are not afraid now and hope never will worry in future to show the end product to the customer; not the lessened copy but the full-size pool cover so that everyone could feel and perceive the real scopes of what they are paying for. We believe it's the right and honest approach to the end customer.








          Staff working on the assembly line in Ukraine and workers who are installing pool covers are to pass yearly probation periods as well as accreditation for competence in Slatinany, Czech Republic certified center, in one of the largest in Europe that belongs to «Inter Pool Cover team» association's president himself - Jan Zitko - "Alukov".






          The passing of yearly probation periods and accreditations, sometimes with tests and exams is mandatory and inviolable condition for every «IPC-team» representative agency without exception in all 42 countries world-wide.



          Our company's second or better to say accompanying kind of activity is hydromassage bathtubs - SPA by prestige North American brand Vita SPA.


    «Gidromontazh-IPC» is the official representative of this prestige SPA-pools large American manufacturer.


    From USA we deliver fully equipped and ready for use SPA-pools. The delivery is being done in small sets and sold from our warehouses. But if something is not fit your needs, we'll make sure that you have it custom-made.





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